SerbaGratis - Maybe you are curious how to download a video in the linkedin application, because there are lots of creative and professional videos. The videos on linkedin have very inspiring values ​​from the average that has been shared with the linkedin site.

 The Linkedin application does not have the name download feature and also the share feature of Linkedin cannot support such as WhatsApp, Line, and others.

 Actually, videos on linkedin can be downloaded, but you have to use a browser. So I will share these tips to be able to download videos from the linkedin application correctly.

How To?

  • Alright, just go ahead. Select which video will be downloaded from the Linkedin application, if it is, then click on "share" as shown below and "send by private message"

How to Download Videos on the Application Linkedin Correctly

  • Send someone the video or to anyone to leave the video history.

  • If you have, "open linkedin on your smartphone browser" Whether it's Google Chrome or an ordinary browser then check the message you sent to someone and click the video then click the video again.

  • Directly play Video then, "click and pause on video" wait until "Download Video" appears Like in the picture below then please download the video smoothly.

How to Download Videos on the Application Linkedin Correctly

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