SerbaGratis - Those who like to use the UC Browser application, you should use one of these widgets, to more easily download videos on the browser without having to click the download link, because here there are alternatives to downloading easily.

 This one method only applies to the UC Browser application on Android only and does not apply to other browser applications. To use this application or this widget is easy. Okay, let's get right to the ways to install the widget and download videos on UC Browser.

 How to Download UC Browser Videos

  •  For that you must first have the UC Browser application and another UC Browser Widget. please download the UC Browser Widget here Download
How to Download Videos on UC Browser Android without having to click on a link

  • If you have already downloaded and already have both applications and install run.

  •  Go to the page with the video, like a movie or movie theater, then play the video

  •  then it will appear as in the picture above, there I already marked with the index finger

  •  You can download the video directly by clicking on the sign, it will be downloaded directly to your smartphone.

  •  "Very easy isn't it" without the need to download a difficult link.

 Because there are so many UC Browser users, so I share articles like this for those of you who need an easier and more useful download.

 That's how to download videos on UC Browser without having to click on the link first and keep downloading. Thank you for visiting this article.